Where should I eat lunch today?

Where should I eat lunch today?
5 Important Factors for Choosing a Lunch Spot

It is 11:30 am. Your stomachs are growling. Inevitably, the question is asked Where should I eat lunch today? Here are five things to consider when choosing a place to eat.

#1 – Lunch Should be Fast

Where should I eat lunch today? Try the drive thruMost companies give their employees one hour for lunch. Some even less. This lunch break includes travel time, ordering time, and eating time. In part, this explains the popularity of fast food restaurants and drive-thru windows. Many establishments offer delivery service. One sub shop built an advertising campaign around “fast delivery”. Other restaurants offer pickup options with phone and on-line ordering. All of these options are designed with one thought in mind – Make lunch fast which saves you time.




#2 – Lunch Should be Nearby

Where should I eat lunch today? - Must be NearbyClosely related to the concern discussed above, your lunch choice must be reasonably close to your workplace. Most modern urban environments have chronic traffic problems. Depending on your situation, you may be limited to restaurants within walking distance of your office. You also need to account for parking issues in your lunch plans. We visited an office in New York where it took an average of 40 minutes to find a parking spot in the morning. With the prospect of spending another 40 minutes looking for parking, driving to lunch is simply not an option.




#3 – Lunch Should be Affordable

Where should I eat lunch today? Must be affordableThe average person lives within their budget. Lunches play a significant role in your food budget. We agree it would be nice to eat lobster every day. We also know lobster is not within our daily food budget. Thus, we seek out more fiscally responsible lunch choices. Which is a nice way of saying we buy cheap food. Fast food restaurants take advantage of this by creating concepts like the “Value Menu” and the “Dollar Menu”.




#4 – Lunch Should include Variety

Where should I eat lunch today? Choose VarietyMost people enjoy eating an assortment of food during the work week. One day it may be burgers, the next may be tacos, the next may be a salad. Your lunch spots should offer a variety of food. An entire food industry is dedicated to this idea – The Buffet. While many establishments focus on a single style of food, we could not find a single restaurant that served only one item. Keep in mind that variety also means different drink and side item options.

#5 – Special Dietary Needs

where should I eat lunch today? - Special Diet NeedsHumans are social by nature. We tend to eat lunch as a group. Restaurant choices should support your whole group. Your group may have a vegetarian or vegan. Many people have special dietary needs due to food allergies or medical conditions. Some people are just picky eaters. Whatever the reason, choosing a restaurant that fills the needs of your group should be part of the lunch decision process.




Nadia G – Brooklyn Hipster Brunch Video (1:58 min)

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