Thai Chicken Stir Fry Lunch

Thai Chicken Stir Fry - Today for Lunch - 09-25-2016This Thai Chicken Stir Fry recipe makes a perfect lunch. Healthy, fast, easy to make with a delicious spicy sauce. Sometimes I cannot believe that more people do not prepare their own lunches. I ate well this day. See what I experimented with today!

Thai Chicken Stir Fry recipe with Peanuts | Today for Lunch 09-25-2016
Thai Chicken Stir Fry recipe with Peanuts – Robert Loescher © 2016

Thai Chicken Stir Fry Inspiration

I purchased a whole brick of deli chicken. I wanted to test using the deli chicken in a few of my recipes. When I decide to experiment, I start with simple recipes like stir fry. I include my favorite ingredients like snap peas, cucumbers, onions, mustard seeds, and green peppers. I decide to increase the “spicy” level by using a few Thai peppers. You cannot forget the peanuts. God forbid, I ever make a stir fry without peanuts or cashews.

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Cooking Thai Chicken Stir Fry

Let’s begin with the chicken. Being pre-cooked deli chicken, I adjusted my typical sequence for cooking this dish. I cut the deli meat into chunks and marinated the chicken for 30 minutes in a spicy Thai sauce. I stir fried the veggies normally adding four Thai chili peppers to the mixture. At the very end, I toss in the chicken and some peanuts.

Deli Chicken from GFS

Deli Chicken loaf from Gordon Food ServicesI shop at Gordon Food Service™ outlet stores on a regular basis. In particular, I like their prices for bulk spices and cooking oils. As luck would have it, I spotted an interesting item – Deli Chicken. Not just some packaged deli chicken but the whole loaf. You know, like what you see in the window at a deli. With a price tag of just $3.49 per pound, I simply could not resist. Warning: You must prepare yourself to make lots of lunches featuring deli chicken. This can get rather dull.

The Results

Thai Chicken Stir Fry is A+ in my book. The only distraction is the chicken. Stir fry aficionados will not like the perfectly shaped chicken cubes. What can I say? Get over it! The taste is fabulous. Using pre-cooked deli chicken saves you the time and mess of cutting the raw chicken into chunks. Also, because the deli chicken already contains sodium, you do not have to add salt to your stir fry.

Lunch Highlights – 2016

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