Using Snap Peas in Recipes

Using Snap Peas to make Macaroni and cheese taste betterYou will not find this lunch item on any menu. This comes straight from our creative minds. We decided using snap peas would make Macaroni & Cheese a special treat. Made with fresh ingredients, everything about this dish screams healthy. Amazingly budget friendly too.

Today for Lunch Audio – August 24, 2016 – Mac & Cheese topped with Snap Peas – Bob Loescher © 2016

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Sausage Tortelloni & Mushrooms

Today for Lunch . 2016-08-16 . Sausage Tortelloni and Mushrooms . ThumbThis sausage tortelloni recipe is delicious and filling. In my mind, you can never go wrong with Italian food for lunch. The real trick is to use fresh ingredients. Buy organic mushrooms. Chop a real onion. Shred parmesan cheese from the block. Make your own spaghetti sauce. All of this adds to an enjoyable lunchtime experience.

Today for Lunch Audio – August 16, 2016 – Sausage Tortelloni & Mushrooms – Bob Loescher © 2016

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Bacon Grilled Cheese

Bacon Grilled Cheese ThumbnailOur Bean & Bacon Grilled Cheese recipe adds flair to the traditional grilled cheese sandwich. Using choice ingredients, like butcher shop bacon and homemade refried beans converts the “simple” into the exceptional. We always relish the opportunity to create a great lunch.

Today for Lunch Audio – June 14, 2016 – Bean & Bacon Grilled Cheese – Bob Loescher © 2016

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