Spinach & Bean Wet Burrito

Today for Lunch: Spinach and Bean Wet BurritoThis wet burrito lunch is a testament to both healthy and homemade. The refried beans and taco sauce are made fresh. The spinach, tomatoes, jalapeños, and green peppers are organic. The cheese is aged cheddar from the block. The burrito wraps are low carb. Lunch Grade: A-

I absolutely love a good wet burrito smothered in spicy taco sauce. I mixed spinach with my homemade refried beans and made a burrito that is healthy, filling, and delicious. In my opinion, the meat component is unnecessary.

Today for Lunch: Spinach and Bean Wet Burrito
Spinach & Bean Wet Burrito – Photo by Bob Loescher © 2016

Wet Burrito Inspiration

As always, I try to focus on healthy and fresh. I had just made a large batch of homemade refried beans. Even though, refried beans have a better than average shelf life, I needed to find ways to incorporate them into my lunches. So I decided on a bean burrito. I had some organic spinach in the refrigerator which was nearing its’ expiration date. I hate wasting spinach. So spinach was added to the recipe. At this point, I figured meat was unnecessary. I spied a jar of my spicy homemade taco sauce and knew this belonged in the recipe. Finally, I chopped some jalapeño and green peppers to complete the ingredients.

A Few Healthy Touches

Because this recipe was turning into a testament to healthy, I opted for the low carb burrito wraps. Unfortunately, these wraps tend to be less flavorable. So I chose some fresh shredded aged cheddar cheese. You know, the expensive stuff. The overall result was a perfect blend of flavor and healthy.

Lunch Instructions

This lunch fairs well in terms of re-heating. Two or three minutes in the microwave is all you need. Because the recipe actually calls for being “wet”, the typical microwave soggy factor does not hurt this recipe. Bring some extra taco sauce and shredded cheese if you want to give your lunch a freshly made look and feel.

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