Snap Pea Peanut Stirfry Recipe

Today for Lunch . 2016-08-15 . Snap Pea Peanut Stirfry . ThumbThis snap pea peanut stirfry features sautéed mushrooms, green peppers, chopped scallions topped with unsalted peanuts in a delicious Thai basil sauce. The star of the show are the sugar snap peas. I am always amazed at how stirfry can take a diverse collection of ingredients and make them work together so well. The lack of rice or noodles keeps this recipe extremely low carb. 

Today for Lunch Audio – August 15, 2016 – Snap Pea Peanut Stirfry with Mushrooms – Bob Loescher © 2016

Today for Lunch . 2016-08-15 . Snap Pea Peanut Stirfry . Photo
Snap Pea Peanut Stirfry Recipe with Mushrooms – Bob Loescher © 2016

Snap Pea Peanut Stirfry Technique

In my journey to become a better cook and a healthy eater, I quickly adopted stirfry skills. I do not try all that fancy toss in air stuff you see at the Chinese restaurants. I stick with a simple method. Heat oil in a wok, add the spices, then add the veggies. If I choose to use any meats, I stirfry them separately. Add meat at the very end. Only when I am satisfied with the tenderness of the ingredients, do I add the stirfry sauce. Finally, I top my stirfry with fresh peanuts and chopped scallions.

Where is the rice?

Traditionally, we serve stirfry dishes with rice or noodles. As a healthy eater, I try to limit my carbs in a given week. Do not get me wrong. I love high carb items like bread, rice, and pasta. However, if I have an opportunity to go “carb-less”, I will take it. Stirfry grants me the low-carb option by just ignoring the rice component.

Lunchtime Instructions

At lunch, heat the snap pea peanut stirfry in a microwave. Because the ingredients have been prepared to the desired consistency, the microwave “soggy effect” does not ruin your lunchtime experience. Heat the stirfry for 90 seconds.

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Lunch Highlights – 2016

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