Potato Croquettes

Today for Lunch | May 3rd | Potato Croquettes Potato Croquettes are fascinating. So simple in theory. A baked ball of potatoes with maybe a few other ingredients. Every cook faces mistakes in the kitchen. You have one idea in your head and the result is not even close. However, when I tried this recipe, I failed. Not just a simple failure but one of those massive “burn the toast, set off the smoke detector, cause world hunger” failures. Laugh with me folks. Oddly enough, this dish tasted great but to call these Potato Croquettes is a culinary sin.

Today for Lunch Audio – May 3, 2016 – Potato Croquettes – Bob Loescher © 2016

Today for Lunch | May 3rd | Potato Croquettes
Failed attempt at Potato Croquettes recipe – Bob Loescher © 2016

Potato Croquettes Inspiration

The story begins at work. A co-worker was sharing his recipe for baked bacon and cheddar croquettes. The recipe fueled my creative culinary mind and I was well on my way to creating my own croquette recipe. I wanted to combine potatoes, shaved chicken breast, and greek yogurt cream cheese. In my head, this should create a delicious and fairly healthy lunch treat. Looking at the photo, you can see that it delivered a creamy and crispy combination of those ingredients. So where is the failure?

The Failure

Bacon & Cheddar Croquettes Photo
Bacon & Cheddar Croquettes – Photo used by Permission of Author – Late Night Gourmet © 2016

The failure comes from the shape. Here is what a good croquette should look like courtesy of the Late Night Gourmet. Now take another peek at my attempt. Notice a difference? Notice a “massively huge, apples & oranges, Grand Canyon”  difference? At first, the Late Night Gourmet got a good laugh from my photo. To this day, all he has to say is “potato croquettes” and I am forced to hang my head in shame. To his credit though, the Late Night Gourmet did comment on the appeal of the slightly burnt edges and the creamy texture. However, he (and the rest of world for that matter) would never call my recipe “croquettes”. The best part is that I agree!


Lunch Instructions

If there is an “up side” to my failure, it comes in the re-heat ability of this dish. Heating this dish in the microwave could not make it look any worse. I set the microwave to three minutes for this dish.

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