Healthy Cooking Tips

“What you are is what you eat” is a very common saying to taken into consideration when maintaining healthy body and mind. It is the intake of food that makes a person’s health and condition, so it is imperative to be health conscious all the time. It is better to favor food prepared at home than in fast foods because these kinds of chains use more fats and preservatives on most of their food varieties. Below are some healthy cooking tips that will help you sustain the healthy you.

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Tip #1
Use healthy cooking methods

Healthy cooking starts with the preparation phase. There are many ways on how you can cook food. Try not to fry too much and choose to either bake, boil, braise, grill, or steam. All these methods can help strip your food of excess fats while cooking it perfectly to your liking. It is also good to use non-stick cookware, which usually eliminates the use of butter, oil, and or animal fat in the cooking process.

Tip #2
Use less fat

Steer away from recipes that require butter, animal fat, and oil in the cooking process. These recipes are undoubtedly loaded with fats that your body does not need and will have a hard time flushing out. Fat on meat and skin on chicken are also loaded with excess fats. You should also keep yourself from cooking and eating them to avoid too much fat in any of your meals.

Healthy Cooking Tips - Use less oil
Tip #2 – Use Less Oils & Butter – Photo Source: Wikimedia

Tip #3
Shop for healthy food

Instead of meat, you can buy fish. Seafood is, of course, healthier with all the essential omega-3 fatty acids in it and other proteins. It is also easier to cook and basically, all food that can be prepared easier is inherently healthier. It is also good for your health to have more fruits and veggies in your shopping bag. They are far healthier and loaded with all the essential nutrients that you need in comparison to the processed foods in the grocery.

Tip #4
Cut down on salt

Adding salt to food can add flavor and taste to your food, but when overdone, it damages the taste as well as the food you are about to ingest in your body. High sodium levels in your diet is a leading cause of many health issues including diabetes and heart disease. Do not forget to check nutritional labels on your canned goods.

Healthy Cooking Tips - Use Less Salt
Tip #4 – Use less salt – Source: Public Domain

Tip #5
Add herbs

Contrary to popular beliefs that herbs are simply for flavor and color of food, it has Phytoestrogens, which protect the body from destructing elements. Instead of using oil and salt then, herbs can be sound replacements. Choosing a good herb can add more than just flavor. Avoid spices that have the word “Salt” in their name like garlic salt.

Parting Thoughts – Healthy Cooking Tips

Health starts with the food that you ingest. Therefore, it pays to buy healthy food, prepare without stripping it with nutrients, and practice these healthy cooking tips. Also, it is best to indulge in exercises and steer away from fast foods restaurants. See our Fixing Poor Eating Habits article.

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