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First and foremost, Healthy Cooking is about the “Eat Fresh” movement and spreading the word about the benefits of good dietary habits. The blog gives readers valuable insights into the challenges faced by people living in urban environments. The inspiration of these words comes from my story of transformation from “bad eating” to “good eating”. I can pretend that you will listen to some guy in Detroit, but I am not that vain. However, you can be sure that our words are authentic.
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Healthy Cooking: Our Story

One Thursday in 2004, I woke up with a stomach ache. This was not an abnormal event. I went about my day, but the pain slowly worsened. By Sunday, I was at the hospital doubled over in pain. They diagnosed me with a relatively common intestinal disorder called Diverticulitis. I did not care what they called it. I just wanted the pain to stop.

A Special Diet

The long term solution was simple. Eat better, healthy food. This sounded easy enough, but I faced several problems. One, I did not know how to cook. Two, I did not how to shop for good food. Three, I had poor dietary habits. For the last twelve years, I struggled to overcome these challenges. Today, I am a good cook, I focus on buying fresh ingredients, and I have virtually eliminated my poor eating habits. Most importantly, no stomach pain.

Head Cook and Dishwasher

Bob Loescher is a self-taught cook and blogger. All of his knowledge on cooking and blogging comes from personal life experience. Cooking wise, he started eating healthy because of a digestive disorder known as diverticulitis. He has gone from having almost no culinary skills to a master of his kitchen. Blogging came more natural than cooking. He grew up as a nerd in the era when it was not cool. Now it is fashionable to be in the IT industry. Leveraging his affinity for computers and tools like Word Press, he has become an avid contributor to the on-line world.

Faithful Companion and Kitchen Assistant

Ruby is a mix of Brittany spaniel and Dachshund. She provides a calming effect on an otherwise hectic life. Ruby is a permanent fixture in the kitchen. She keeps a keen eye out for anything that may drop our the floor and she always gives a “paws-up” on my recipes. Eggs are her favorite.

MOM-RUBY-3 (2)

Failure is an Option

Around our house, we love to experiment. Whether it be combining new flavors or trying a new Word Press plug-in, our inquisitive nature keeps us young & fresh. With this quality comes many failures. We try to celebrate our mistakes, but we understand that failure disheartens many people. If there is one truth that we have learned, it is we will fail. We hope that by seeing both our failures and triumphs together, you might be encouraged to join the “Eat Fresh” movement.

Healthy Cooking Tips – Fixing Bad Diets

For more info visit Fixing Poor Eating Habits

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