Chicken Pasty Lunch Recipe

Chicken Pasty Lunch RecipeHomemade chicken pasty is not found on many lunch menus. This unique treat is hearty as well as delicious. According to many people, the pasty is Michigan’s best kept secret. If you find yourself in the Upper Peninsula, we recommend trying an authentic Michigan Pasty.  

Today for Lunch Audio – October 4, 2016 – Homemade Chicken Pasty Recipe – Bob Loescher © 2016

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Homemade Chicken Pasty Lunch Recipe – Robert Loescher © 2016

Definition of a Pasty

Being a Michigan native, Pasties are nothing new. I grew up with them. Essentially, a Pasty is a meat pie filled with hearty ingredients like rutabaga, carrots, onions, and of course meat. Nearly every restaurant in the upper peninsula of Michigan serves pasties. Like many local specialties, the best Pasty experience is in the upper peninsula of Michigan. However, that does not stop us from trying to reproduce this hearty treat.

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Making a Homemade Chicken Pasty

Traditionally, the meat is beef. I chose to try chicken instead. I tried to keep the rest of the ingredients true to the original formula. However, I could not resist incorporating whole mustard seeds. Getting an opportunity to work with rutabagas (a lesser known ingredient) was educational. The result was a delicious homemade chicken pasty, even though pasty aficionados would scoff at this recipe.

Pasty Lunch Score

I often amaze my co-workers with the delectable dishes I bring for lunch. The homemade chicken pasty did not inspire much fanfare. In fact, it seemed to slide under the radar sort of speak. The nature of the pasty lends itself well to microwave though and rarely have I eaten such a hearty lunch. Sure, it lacked that culinary flair, but as far as lunch goes, the chicken pasty was a winner.

Lunch Highlights – 2016

Traditional Pasty Recipes

  • Authentic Pasty Recipe from the “Yooper Girl”  Click Here
  • Story of the Pasty from Michigan Tech University  Click Here

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