Healthy Cooking Tips

“What you are is what you eat” is a very common saying to taken into consideration when maintaining healthy body and mind. It is the intake of food that makes a person’s health and condition, so it is imperative to be health conscious all the time. It is better to favor food prepared at home than in fast foods because these kinds of chains use more fats and preservatives on most of their food varieties. Below are some healthy cooking tips that will help you sustain the healthy you.

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Swai Fish Benefits – What you need to know

Swai Fish Benefits
…The Good, the Bad and the Not so Ugly

Swai fish benefits are making a name for this fish. It is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids and can be used with a wide variety of herbs, spices, and flavorings. In different stores, you might locate this fish below the name shark catfish, striped catfish or basa. This cut of fish has become an extremely attractive option for those on a budget due to the lower price per pound.

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Essential Spice List – Stocking Your Spice Rack

Essential Spice List
What to buy for your spice cabinet

Essential Spice List - What to buyAsk Google – What is the essential spice list? Google gives you countless articles. We all know the Internet is an excellent place to discover information. Unfortunately, with a such a wealth of information, discrepancies will arise. We are forced to read dozens of articles, compare the material and compile a “best guess” answer. We decided to do the work for you. Here is what we found.

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Fixing Poor Eating Habits

Fixing Poor Eating Habits
Consider your Childhood

The first step to fixing poor eating habits is understanding where you developed bad eating habits. I started down the path of poor dietary practices as a child. Not that my parents, my school, and society did not try to educate us. I chose not to listen. Instead, I followed what I experienced in life. In short, I chose my poor diet.

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Simple Stuffed Chicken Breast

Making Simple Stuffed Chicken Breast
Being a Fancy Cook with almost no effort!

The art of making simple stuffed chicken breast can make any meal special. However, let’s face it, stuffed chicken breast is a lot of prep work. We usually leave this type of cooking to trained chefs at those fancy restaurants. But we have a secret!!!

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Recipe Software Review: Mastercook 15

Master Cook 15 software is a robust recipe organizer. It offers many features not usually found in other packages. The interface is vibrant and clean. Installation is a breeze and YES it is compatible with Windows 10. You can organize by groups, categories, cuisine, and even serving size. Easily add photos and videos to your recipes. Master Cook 15 can make shopping lists with just one click. Best of all, you can synchronize your recipes with your mobile devices making shopping even more convenient. Still not convinced? Master Cook 15 comes with over 1000 pre-loaded recipes. Master Cook 15 is a MUST in every modern kitchen. Verified and honest recipe software review.

Betty Crocker meets the Twenty-First Century, and she can TWEET!Bob Loescher

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Healthy Food Choices

Healthy Food Choices: Is it OK to be Normal?

Healthy Urban Cooking is all about making healthy food choices, shopping for the right food, and cooking with fresher ingredients. However, the question always remains – Is it OK to open a can of soup or cook a box of Hamburger Helper?

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Fresh Food Markets

Fresh Food Markets – Healthy Ingredients

Fresh Food Markets ThumbnailOnce you begin down the path of being a “Foodie”, you will soon find yourself hunting for specialty food items. Inevitably, you will be shopping at smaller fresh food markets. These stores carry less common ingredients and fresher vegetables. Many have excellent meat and fish departments. Others feature extensive salad bars, hot lunches, artisan bakeries or international cheese counters. The staff is friendly, helpful and available to answer food related questions.


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Soup Broth – A Modern Tragedy

Why I Hate Soup Broth

Nothing gets my blood boiling like a discussion of Soup broth. While learning to cook, I religiously followed recipes. If it called for chicken broth, I bought chicken broth. I would spend hours reading nutritional labels looking for the healthiest option. I came to one simple conclusion. Store bought broth is fat, corn syrup, salt, and water. To this day, I cannot figure out how these companies can charge so much money for so little substance. Worse yet, the prepared broth is one of the unhealthiest items you can purchase in a grocery store.

Soup broth is nothing more than overpriced flavored salt water!”
 Bob Loescher

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