Bacon Grilled Cheese

Bacon Grilled Cheese ThumbnailOur Bean & Bacon Grilled Cheese recipe adds flair to the traditional grilled cheese sandwich. Using choice ingredients, like butcher shop bacon and homemade refried beans converts the “simple” into the exceptional. We always relish the opportunity to create a great lunch.

Today for Lunch Audio – June 14, 2016 – Bean & Bacon Grilled Cheese – Bob Loescher © 2016

Bacon Grilled Cheese | June 14 2016 | Today for Lunch
Bean & Bacon Grilled Cheese | Today for Lunch | June 14 2016 | Bob Loescher – ©2016

Bean & Bacon Grilled Cheese Inspiration

As a cook, you are often faced with choosing “fast” over “fancy”. This is why we have so many fast food restaurants. However, with just an extra 10 minutes, you can have both fast AND fancy. Our Bean & Bacon Grilled Cheese recipe is a perfect example. We needed only twelve minutes to convert this simplest of sandwich recipes into a delicious masterpiece. If you are going to make a grilled cheese, you might as well make an amazing grilled cheese.

Why Refried Beans?

In a word-“fiber”. We need fiber as we grow older. Refried beans are an excellent source of fiber. Also, homemade refried beans contain almost no salt as compared to the “in-a-can” option. The creamy texture of refried beans adds to the “gooey-ness” of the melted cheese. Refried beans are a delightful and straightforward way of giving your sandwich more substance.

Lunch Instructions

Heating your sandwich in the microwave is the biggest drawback to choosing grilled cheese for lunch. The microwave takes your beautiful crispy sandwich and turns it into a soggy mess. Recently, I heard of specially designed bags for keeping food crispy in a microwave. I have yet to try these crisper bags, but I have heard many good reviews from other people. I will leave you to explore this option.

Microwave Crisper Bags Pack Of 30 Microwave Oven ~ Brown and Crisp ~ Cooking Bags

Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is a traditional pairing with grilled cheese sandwiches. A bowl of my fresh tomato soup would have been perfect (Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe), but, alas, I had none in the refrigerator. I did not even consider opening a can of tomato soup, especially after the extra care I put into the sandwich.

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