Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pizza

Today for Lunch | May 9th | Bacon and Egg Breakfast PizzaBreakfast pizza is not a new thing. Many people have countless variations on this theme. I enjoy being creative in the kitchen, so I put a twist on the recipe. I crafted the “pizza dough” out of hash browns. I placed 3 fresh eggs on the dough. I topped the eggs with cooked bacon bits. Here is the twist…I baked it all on a pizza stone. All the standard elements of breakfast – (Bacon, Eggs and Hash browns) – baked on a pizza stone.

Today for Lunch Audio – May 9, 2016 – Breakfast Pizza – Bob Loescher © 2016

When I started preparing this recipe, I had no idea what the result would be. The idea of using a pizza stone to cook anything other than a real pizza was completely foreign to me. There was a real possibility I would end up with a messy pile of potatoes, bacon and eggs, not to mention an entire oven to clean. You can see the results below.

Today for Lunch | May 9th | Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza
Cool Breakfast Pizza Concept baked on a Pizza Stone – Bob Loescher © 2016

Breakfast Pizza Inspiration

This recipe was born from three sources. First, one of my co-workers gave me a dozen “truly” fresh eggs from his hen house. Second, I saw a portion of a cooking show where they challenged the cooks to use ONLY a pizza stone to cook their recipe. At the time, I thought to myself…”I don’t have a recipe well suited for a pizza stone.” Third, I have long tradition of eating breakfast items for lunch. I gathered all three of those ideas together and created the Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pizza.

Lunch Instructions

This recipe does NOT re-heat well. It is best eaten when it is still hot from the oven. After sitting in the refrigerator, our Breakfast Pizza will never achieve that perfect look and feel and texture again. I heat it in the microwave for less than one minute. Then I close my eyes and dream how perfectly delicious this recipe looked when it came out of the oven.

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