Awesome Scallop Potatoes Lunch

Awesome Scallop Potatoes Lunch ThumbnailAwesome scallop potatoes? Let’s start with the obvious. This is not your traditional scallop potato recipe. If you landed here expecting a standard potato recipe, then you may be disappointed. On the other hand, our recipe may inspire some to rethink their potato dishes.

Today for Lunch Audio – October 24, 2016 – Awesome Scallop Potatoes Lunch – Bob Loescher © 2016

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Awesome Scallop Potatoes Lunch – October 24, 2016 – Bob Loescher © 2016

Recipe Inspiration

We experiment in our kitchen. Combining different ingredients and recipes is a favorite trick. Here we fused bay scallops with roasted potatoes. The fun part came when we labeled this as Scallop Potatoes. Trust us when we say that being innovative in the kitchen leads to many failures. However, we enjoy our successes too. The awesome scallop potatoes recipe put smiles on our faces. Click here for Recipe

Making Great Roasted Potatoes

The key to great roasted potatoes is choosing the right potato. Yukon Gold or Redskin potatoes work the best. Roast them in a pan with garlic, onion, lemon juice, and water. We leave our potatoes in the oven an extra five minutes to burn the edges.

Omaha Steak Stuffed Sole with Scallops Omaha Steaks 6 (4.5 oz.) Stuffed Sole with Scallops

Pan Seared Bay Scallops

Bay scallops are much smaller than wild caught scallops. Bay scallops are also less expensive. In many cases, they are half the price. Start by marinating the scallops in butter and lemon juice for several hours. Heat two tablespoons of oil and one tablespoon of vinegar in a frying pan. Add the scallops and cook for 5-6 minutes. Place the scallops in a bowl and coat them with Italian dressing.

Awesome Scallop Potatoes Lunch

The best part of this recipe is the built-in flavor. It does not require sauces or toppings. You can taste the garlic and lemon in the potatoes. The scallops have a buttery lemon taste. The extra flavor from Italian dressing is delightful. Throw this in the microwave for a quick thirty seconds and you have awesome scallop potatoes. Quick, simple and oh-so delicious.

Lunch Highlights – 2016

Traditional Scallop Potato Recipes

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