Bell Pepper Salad Recipe

Stir Fry Bell Pepper Salad
…Simple, Healthy, Colorful and Delicious!

Bell Pepper Salad Recipe Thumbnail PhotoWe eat with our eyes first. If the food looks appetizing, then it will taste better. Our bell pepper salad recipe takes advantage of the many colors available in the world of bell peppers. Yellow, orange, red, and green – we use them all.

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Spinach & Bean Wet Burrito

Today for Lunch: Spinach and Bean Wet BurritoThis wet burrito lunch is a testament to both healthy and homemade. The refried beans and taco sauce are made fresh. The spinach, tomatoes, jalapeños, and green peppers are organic. The cheese is aged cheddar from the block. The burrito wraps are low carb. Lunch Grade: A-

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